Grahm Camden
DOB July 8th 2046
Parents Kyle Camden and Quinn Camden
Siblings N/A
Metatype Human
Role Gunslinger Adept
Allergy(s) Moderate, Bees
Prejudice(s) Outspoken, Trolls



Grahm didn't start Shadowrunning by choice. Growing up near the Melbourne Renraku Arcology was a rough experience, he was growing up right around the time that it started falling apart. His father, Kyle, and his mother, Quinn, both died in the confusion during those couple of weeks.

It was only by hiding in one of the Renraku Mall shops that he survived. That being said, he and his parents were loyal corporate wageslaves to renraku during the years prior to the accident so he knew his way around the mall. The weeks after Renraku arcology fell, anarchy enveloped the streets, his parents were lost, ties were severed between the rest of his family and his house was destroyed.

Once the Mall ran out of food he was forced onto the streets, Grahm didn’t know anyone or anywhere he would be safe. He wandered the streets unsure of where to go. But it was by sheer luck that he ran into The Greenwood Gang. 

Bishop joined the Greenwood gang at the age of 14. He was accepted as the head shaman, King, saw the awakened potential that Bishop had. King developed Bishops skills and noticed he had a strong connection with the wildlife that inhabited the Tara valley. He excelled in both pistols training and blades. It was here that he earned the name Bishop. Then his initiation came, it involved Bishop bonding to an animal. He was sent to the city by the gang, and wasn’t to return until he could train an animal that could hold its own in a fight. He spent 3 months wandering the streets looking for a strong beast to become his companion in battle. 

It was on the night of a full moon that Fischer appeared from an alley and approached Bishop, they stared at each other for several minutes until Bishop lent forward to touch the pup. He was anxious at first but trusted Bishop. They then spent another month bonding and then finally he returned to the valley and was set a challenge by King to test Fischer’s worthiness. King’s Radhound, Rook, was to battle Fischer and if he were to survive I would take a higher role in the gang. The Dog’s didn’t get far into the match before the machine came. They tore through everything. The gang dispersed into the tree’s.

Greenwood was a shamanic gang that had owned the Tara valley for most of the 60’s but it was this day that they lost it to deforestation for soy based products. They had to flee to the nearby town of Churchill and since then have been in a constant feud with the Thunder Maulers. Things have been calm as of late as both gangs have been low in numbers. After this incident Bishop left the gang with Fischer and wandered the streets of Melbourne. This is when he picked up running. His troubled life had led him to this occupation. 

He started doing odd jobs for various gangs and lowlifes of the street, meeting several people over the years. 

His last runner team, was wiped out by a gang of Trolls. He, Fischer and Echo, an elven healer mage, were the only ones to escape. They fled back to the team’s house and echo managed to save Fischer who had taken a serious blow from one of the Trolls. Echo managed to save Fischer but he was sufficiently spooked and wasn’t responding to the usual commands.

Present Day

Echo has joined up with the resistance against the light police, Bishop was contacted by Echo and asked to join a runner team who is in need of a member after one of theirs went rogue after a debilitating accident. Fischer needs to be retaught all of his commands.

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