N30n was the alias for a Japanese-American Elvish Technomancer. He was a member of The Spartans, but was secretive about his identity, include his name, his past, and his technomancy. He used a fake deck to hide his powers.

N30n was shot in the head in a train station while escaping from a HTRT, killing him instantly. He was the first Spartan to fall.

History[edit | edit source]

Raincineath Eigoerufu was born to two wage slaves of the Aztechnology Corporation in Japan. He worked for them from an early age, mostly doing basic office and admin jobs as an assistant. His parents, being of American decent but Elvish race, taught him both English and Sperethiel. At the age of 9 he gained an interest in the matrix. At the age of 11, he developed an affinity for it, starting to develop his technomancy powers. Upon telling his parents, they instructed him to remain quiet and not let the corporation know. But as word spread and his life being increasingly dangerous, Raincineath, age 12, accompanied by his older brother Crithareal, age 15, decided to escape Aztechnology. They adopted the names Rain and Chris Valador to cover their identities.

Living on the streets, Rain and Chris came into contact with a fixer. While Chris practiced with a blade and pistol, Rain developed his technomancy, performing his first Matrix Shadowrun at 14 under the runner name 'Bainari'. After two years, the Valador brothers were forced to leave Tokyo because of Aztechnology activity. They decided to travel to Melbourne, but after Lone Star came to the docks and GOD dumpshocked Rain from the matrix, the two were forced to separate. Rain stowed away in a boat to Shanghai.

Arriving at Shanghai, Rain was found on his boat by the harbor security and sent to prison. Within prison he learnt Mandarin, as well as other skills such as stealth. Released after a year, Rain performed some low level Shadowruns in Shanghai, now taking the name 'N30n'. To build up his skills, Rain learnt French, and began practicing with a pistol to be able to defend himself. At 18 years old, with some money saved up, he decided to search for his brother again.

He boarded a boat (legally) for Melbourne, taking up a large part of his savings. Upon arrival, he was almost immediately robbed, left with very little money and equipment. He performed odd jobs and began building up his network and found a fixer, Jake Dragonfly.  He joined a team of runners, mostly street samurai, who he used to defend himself due to his incapability to fight well. But when a job went wrong, and many of his companions were captured or killed, he abandoned them, leaving them to die.

N30n's acquaintance, Jazz, was at this point looking into Shadowrunning for extra money. Together they attempted to find a team, and located Quick-Silver through word of mouth from Jake, and The Hurricane and Jesus purely by chance, one night when Jazz was out drinking in a bar. So far Quick-Silver is the only one to know his true name.

Death[edit | edit source]

Chilled out on a stationary train. Started smoking some marijuana. Got shot in the head from 30 metres by the SWAT.

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