Quick Silver


Druindar Laffaralin
DOB March 28th 2029
DOD May 4th 2075
Parents Mary Laffaralin and Joseph Laffaralin
Siblings Calardor Laffaralin
Metatype Elven
Role Mage
Allergy(s) Mild, Mercury


Quick Silver was born on March 28th 2029 as an awakened individual. In his younger years he was unaware of the magic that flowed through him, but at about the age of 5 he started talking to spirits. After telling his parents they thought nothing of it as he was young, but they later had him tested and confirmed to be both a magician and an adept. His parents did not know much about magic and were both afraid of it so they told him to keep it to himself.

At the age of 9, Quick Silver and his family moved to Seattle as his father had inherited a gym from a distant relative. In his new life Quick Silver became disillusioned with a magic that seemed to have deserted him. Deciding that he needs a mentor to teach him about magic and guide him he seeks out the spirits. Quick Silver encounters many spirits and just as he is about to give up on magic altogether he met Frigg, a cat spirit. Frigg has since become Quick Silver’s dedicated Mentor Spirit and hopes one day to materialize into the physical plane.

Many years later after both Quick Silvers parents passed away, him and his brother tried to run the family business. It ran smoothly until they encountered economic troubles, so being a smart business man Quick Silver sought help from one of the local gangs, The Red Hot Nukes. The RHN gave them a reasonable loan to maintain the gym. Quick Silver and his brother knew that the RHN would eventually realise they couldn’t support the gym anymore, so they fled the country. Calardor fled to Tir Tairngire and used his knowledge of business and magical theory to overtime to become a respected Talismonger in Salem. Quick Silver on the other hand fled back home to Australia and with very little money and no job sought life as a Shadow Runner. 

Quick Silver’s previous team, Plan B as they were called, consisted of 4 other runners. Althea, the face, Gigamesh, the street samurai, Terabyte, the decker and Vinnie, the driver. The first couple of runs went fine with only minor mishaps but one night, on what was supposed to be a stealth run, everything went wrong. Quick Silver only just managed to get out with a perfectly timed invisibility spell. Last Quick Silver saw of them they were toast. Several weeks had passed and Quick Silver had heard nothing from his team, after hearing about this complication the kind hearted and very charismatic Jake Dragonfly, Althea’s fixer, told Quick Silver about N30n and Jazz

N30n and Jazz offered Quick Silver a spot on the team he was assembling, he happily accepted as at this point in time had nowhere to go. But it wasn’t until that evening that team was fully assembled. That night Quick Silver and Jazz were out drinking at Stone the Flaming Crow when by chance they met The Hurricane and Jesus.

Death[edit | edit source]

Shortly after his retirement, Quicksilver appeared to the party as an anonymous Johnson. Mentally unstable, he tasked them with the destruction of the Melbourne Central Spire, Ultralight's headquarters. As the building came down, however, Quicksilver calmly stood staring out the window of the 53rd floor, aware of his imminent demise, he had accepted his fate.

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